JN Photography
Models Club Application

We offer four Trade-For-Print (TFP) Sessions per year for local, bonafide models in the local Lynchburg, Virginia and surrounding area. More free sessions are available upon request and meet unique, artistic design. Upon completion of the application and the first shoot, one of your photographs will be added to our Models Page with a link to your Instagram or other portfolio account(s).

The session and the trademarked images are completely free. The edited photographs will be made available to you on a temporary Google Drive link, where you can download them. We do charge a travel fee for any session farther than 20 miles from the Lynchburg Regional Airport (40 miles round trip).

TFPs are reserved for bonafide models, 12 years of age or older, who have conducted at least one professional photoshoot within the last two years. If you have never conducted a professional session before and are just starting in your Modeling journey, we will love to help you get started at our standard rate for the first session, and then TFPs thereafter