In-Person Financial Coaching


If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you’re at the end of your rope, if you need help but don’t know how you can afford it, if you feel that then we have your back. Our financial coaching services have ministered to others and we’re here for you.

First we’ll help you get track of your expenses and, if you can’t otherwise afford our services, then we’ll offer them for free. We’ll teach you how to budget and succeed financially in seven easy steps, plus we’ll walk this journey with you, be your accountability and advocate, and offer you the tools to success.


Learn Peace & Freedom.

You can become empowered. You can stop feeling lost, confused, worried, and frustrated with your financial picture. Even if you feel ashamed right now, we don’t judge – we help, we encourage, we show you how to experience financial peace and freedom in a proven, down-to-earth manner. We offer an educational, holistic approach to money management that is hands-on, encouraging, personalized, and easy. You’ll learn how to budget easily each month and each quarter, so you’re not surprised by sudden bills, and we’ll teach you how to do it with simple terms you can understand and apply. You’ll see exactly where your money is going and we’ll help you figure out where you money is escaping. All of these can be done virtually or through one-on-on meetings. After you feel confident in your accounting abilities, we’ll move onto more sophisticated things like paying off debt, learning how to save for emergencies and big expenses, retirement savings that will outgrow inflation, debt-free college tuition, mortgage and business do’s and don’ts, and building a secure future that leaves a legacy far beyond your dreams to help more people than you thought possible. And it all starts with a free virtual consultation to see if our personalities match and if our program is right for you. If we’re not right for you, then chances our we know somebody who is.

Our guarantee is this: we will show you how you can afford our monthly sessions, or we’ll lower our prices to fit what you can do right now without stretching your budget thin. If you’re in the place where you can’t afford financial coaching, then we’re in a place to minister to you. PEOPLE COME FIRST.

Our program is six months long. The first thing is the consultation meeting – we do this before you’re actually charged any money. If you feel like we’re a good fit, then we move onto our sessions. The first two sessions are two hours and occur two weeks after each other. This is where we work together and paint a true picture of your financial situation. We’ll also provide you an aesthetic financial program for your financial stewardship and teach you how to use it through one-on-one instruction (it’s easy). After those first two sessions, we move onto our monthly hourly sessions. In these sessions we work on tweaking your budget to meet your financial dreams, learn future steps, learn terms, review previous material, and encourage you to stay strong on the new journey. We’ll plan your future together and set a clear path on how to get there with a real timeline. After the six months you will know in your heart that you can achieve the goals and you’ve graduated from our program. Most of our clients want to remain with us after graduation, so we offer hourly follow-up sessions at your discretion for as long as you want.

In-person financial coaching sessions are conducted in the convenience of your home or the public space of your choice. Limited to the greater Lynchburg, Virginia area.

You can schedule your session or free virtual consultation below without checking out through our website.