Home Sweet Home. Enjoy your portraiture in the comfort of your home and it comes with several benefits: the kids’ snacks are readily on hand, your don’t need a babysitter, all your attire is in one place, bathrooms are not an issue, bad-hair days can be overcome quickly, and there’s no stress of leaving on time. Plus, when the session is complete you are at home and able to relax without driving. There is a flat $0.585 per mile travel charge on any venue further than 20 miles from the Lynchburg Regional Airport.

Riverside Park. One of our favorite public venues is this beautiful park. It’s set on 49 acres of rolling grass with paved walkways, the historic Claytor House, beautiful gardens and orchards, and an overlook. The Alpine Trail is also connected here. And if you have kids, this is the perfect place with a playground, lots of running room, and a spray-park. This venue is free and located at 2238 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Ivy Creek Park. Also known as “The Nature Park,” this favorite is a green paradise located at Clemmons Lake. It has many trails, a small bridge, but is overall a very stunning, photogenic area, especially at sunrise and sunset. This venue is free and located at 118 Clemmons Lake Place Lynchburg, Virginia.

Old City Cemetery. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a gorgeous venue that is elegant for weddings or creepy for Halloween and Cosplay shoots. It’s equipped with a huge tree swing, a roman column, a speaking gazebo, and beautiful architecture. The 27-acre garden is open to the public, free, and located in downtown Lynchburg at 401 Taylor Street, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Percival’s Island. A beautiful venue that is easy for the young and elderly. It is filled with natural backgrounds, a long wood bridge, and several unique portrait opportunities. This venue is free and located at 1600 Concord Turnpike, Lynchburg, Virginia.

The Bluffwalk. A historical and visit landscape, the downtown business area of Lynchburg is perfect for contemporary portraits. We recommend this area for our free-spirit clients who enjoy a brisk walk for some beautiful backgrounds. This venue is free and is located at the corner of Commerce Street at 12th Street, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Liberty University. Our lead photographer’s alma-mater, this huge 7,000-acre property has everything one could wish for. It is filled with a garden, fountains, handsome buildings, trails, an overlook of Lynchburg at the Snowflex, and one of the largest Christmas trees in the area (seasonal). We recommend this venue around the University’s schedule, graduation, and 20 sports programs only, as traffic is heavy during events. This venue is free and located at 1971 University Boulevard, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Randolph College. Founded in 1891, this college campus is full of natural beauty and craftsmanship. The 100 acres features a beautiful church that is open to photoshoots upon reservation, plus the Wildcat Stadium, and the amphitheater known as the Mabel K. Whiteside Greek Theatre. This venue is free and located at 2500 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg.

DeVault Family Vineyards. This family-operated venue has a pretty vineyard on 32-acres. With a tasting room, this vineyard has everything adults and kids need, including an Olympic-size pool, a play house, swing set, and a basketball court. This venue is free for JN Photography clients and located at 247 Station Lane, Concord, Virginia.

Hotels. Interested in a fashion or intimate session? Then we suggest an investment in a hotel. Many hotels will offer special rates for photography sessions, so feel free to call the hotel of your choice and make arrangements. There is a flat $0.585 per mile travel charge on any venue further than 20 miles from the Lynchburg Regional Airport.

Liberty Lake Park. This unique area in Bedford features a 1.8-acre lake, several baseball fields and playgrounds, walking trails, bathrooms, a racquet ball court, a skateboard park, and several picnic areas. We charge $10.53 for this venue for travel expenses and it is located at 939 Burks Hill Road, Bedford, Virginia.

Brightwell’s Mill. This historic 110-acre private venue was rebuilt in 1942 and is a favorite icon of JN Photography. It features the rustic mill, beautiful landscape, and a wonderful waterfall. This venue is $20 for an entire day and all this fee goes to the restoration and maintenance of the Mill Project. We will take care of the reservations for this jewel located at 684 Brightwell’s Mill Road, Madison Heights, Virginia.

Windy Hill Farm. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this amazing 300-acre venue is full of life and potential. Not only does it make a great wedding venue, but this private establishment produces absolutely gorgeous portraits. This venue charges $60/hour and we charge a $1.65 travel fee. It is located at 3749 Elon Road, Monroe, Virginia.

Glencliff Manor. One of the most epic venues in the area, this wedding venue has everything you could dream of having in your portrait session. Currently, JN Photography is renewing the venue charge for our clients. This venue is located at 565 English Tavern Road, Rustburg, VA.